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Our detailed dictionary of internet terms

Dictionary Entries For Letter "C"

Click reporting
Method of counting number of times that a particular web page link has been clicked. read more >
Content Management System
Facility for the website content to be easily updated and controlled by a central control panel. read more >
Copyright gives the creators of certain kinds of material rights to control ways their material can be used. These rights start as soon as the material is recorded in writing or in any other way. There is no official registration system. The rights cover: read more >
Corporate Identity
The character and image of an organisation, reflecting its culture, the types of services offered and to which markets. read more >
cPanel is a piece of software that is used on many Unix web servers and is used to control the various aspects of the web server in a familiar easy to use interface. read more >
Cron Job
A Cron job is the automation of a task that is generally required to be done on a regular basis at a set time. read more >
Custom Design
Website has been built from scratch using hand designed layouts and coding. read more >