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Our detailed dictionary of internet terms

Dictionary Entries For Letter "B"

Back Up
To make a copy of necessary files to ensure that you always have a current record. read more >
The amount of data or information sent between two points generally between a web server and computer on the internet. Measured in bytes, some suppliers have limits on bandwidth to reduce over usage.
Something that is bespoke is something that is unique and specially made purely for the purpose it serves. It is not copied from anywhere nor is it used for any other purpose other than the one it was specifically made for. read more >
Bi Lingual
Bilingual refers to anything written or spoken in two languages, for our dictionary this means a website that been built to support two languages, when the user clicks a language button the website text changes from one language into another.
A web browser is a software application that is used to communicate the local computer with the internet to display the web page requested. Popular web browsers include Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator and Opera read more >