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Web Design Process

All our websites are custom built and as such vary enormously with regards to the procedures and way the design process evolves.

Generally we start off with communicating with our customer to obtain a feel for the website that they require including any specific requirements.
Once we have a good idea of what is required we then submit a quotation for the web design work, generally this is a fixed price for all the work involved and will include Hosting and domain name where necessary and all design work and graphics.
Once the customer is happy with the quotation and would like us to go ahead with the web design, we request a deposit to cover our initial fees. Generally our deposits are approx 25% of the final cost of the web design.
Once deposit is received we secure and configure the domain name and web Hosting for use on the new website.

We then draw up a rough design, so the customer can see what the finished website will look like (if requested we can come up with two or three designs) once the design has been sent to the customer, we talk to them about the design, what they like or dont like about it and make necessary changes until everyone is happy with the layout.

Once the rough design is finished we produce a high resolution web quality version which will form the basis of the website design.
After the design, all necessary scripts are custom placed into the design, together with administration pages and the rest of the web content.
During the design process we make sure that the website will be well optimised for the Search engines and use up to date programming techniques to ensure that the website is compliant with all web browsers and future changes to browsers, as well as accesibility issues.

Once all files are placed into the website we then test to ensure all links are working and check spelling and grammar etc.

Our final stage submits the websites to over 100 Search engines and also link to the website from some of our highly positioned websites to give all our customers an advantage, when it comes to marketing and visitors.
A full marketing and website submission program is available upon request.
We then go through the new site with the customer and make sure they are happy with the website and they are comfortable working with it.
Only when the customer is completely satisfied with the website do we request final payment.

Do you have a contract?

We have a company web design contract, which we always use for our larger web design projects. Our smaller projects we use a contract if the client specifically requests to use one. The web design contract is specific to an individual project and ensures that the customer receives exactly what they require and we receive payment for the work that we do.
We can also supply and work with the clients on confidentiality agreements and all our staff are trained and contracted to ensure our customers confidentiality at all times.

Do you supply hosting?

Yes, we give all our new customers 1 years FREE web Hosting as standard, the cost of the hosting after 12 months is currently from ?50/year although we must stress that our customers are in absolutely no way committed to Hosting their websites with us, they are free to move there web hosting at any time. We give 1 years free hosting to start for two reasons, first because it helps reduce initial costs for the customers and secondly because we use the hosting every day and know it extremely well, ensuring that all its features etc are easy for us to work with speeding up the design process. With other Hosting packages we have to find our way around the new system which can cost time and therefore could increase the cost of the web design work.

What maintenance is provided for the website?

We can maintain your website for you for a fixed fee once completed although the majority of the websites that we now build have content management systems built in for the customer to update their own websites. Small textual changes or the odd image here and there just drop us a line and we are quite happy to change for you at no cost, further additions or larger changes we can make for you for a small cost that will be aggreed before changes are made. We are still making small changes to websites we built five years ago.
Our web servers are backed up daily with a full back up weekly, this is on the server only and we do not download files, this is up to the individual customer unless specifically requested. We highly recommend a minimum of a weekly back up of your website and Database to ensure all data stored is recoverable should a fault occur.

Who owns the website?

Once the website is completed and all payments have been made, the Copyright is licensed to the customer to use as a web presence, all files, usernames and passwords associated with the website are passed onto the customer to use.
Files can be supplied on disc if specifically requested.
It is important to note that unless the full copyright has been seperately negotiated and purchased from Toucan Web Design, all images and design features remain the copyright at all times of Toucan Web Design and your purchase of a website is for the use only of that copyright, we reserve the right at any time to withdraw the use and if done so all material should be returned to Toucan Web Design, please contact us regarding purchasing outright copyright ownership.