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Multimedia Design

In order to attract visitors to your website you need good search engine positions, but in order to get them to come back over and over again you need quality content and lots of it, or something to entertain your visitors. If you want to promote your website using advertising or if you just want to get somebody?s attention you need something rich, interactive and animated. Everyone knows what a normal site looks like and it's very predictable how the menu will work or where it will be placed. Using Flash we are able to create new and unique navigational systems, bespoke menus and pages the likes of which no one may have ever seen before.

We can create a menu which spins, flips, flys about, opens like a space craft, you name it and it can be done with Flash. Want your site to have pages that flip over just as if you were reading from a book? That can be done with Flash too.

How about a promotional video for your website which you can Upload to various websites such as YouTube or MySpace? These sites are massively popular and could be an excellent source of new visitors, we can provide you with all the experience and expertise to create a video that you can even use as a television advertisement if you so desired. The possibilities are limitless.