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Ecommerce Website Development

Here at Toucan Web Design we specialise in Ecommerce design and ecommerce development, ranging from small personal or business sites with only a handful of products, right the way up to massive enterprise level websites with products ranging in the tens of thousands.

Not only is the design (i.e. the appearance) of the site important as that is what everyone will see when they visit the site, the structure of the site is also critical to a sites success, as it improves search engine rankings and the Accessibility of the site for disabled visitors. toucan web design have over 5 years experience with ecommerce design so we are able to structure sites properly, and even though you might not be able to tell the difference between a properly structured site and one thrown together by an amateur, search engines and disabled visitors will.

Updating your ecommerce website

Often daunting but actually really simple.
All our ecommerce websites come with a secured administration control panel so all aspects of the shop can be easily changed and controlled, whether just changing a price of a product or sending out a mailshot to your customers, its all so easy with our intuitive menu system, changes can be made 24 hours a day seven days a week and the website is updated in real time. Of course if you do have a problem we are always here to lend a guiding hand

Custom development

On top of our standard ecommerce websites, Toucan Web Design are experts in developing new and exciting features onto our clients web stores.
Recent changes have been a one stage checkout system, reducing customers time at the checkout and ensuring a smooth process and ultimately more sales.
Other modifications we have implemented include a wedding list planner, wish lists and our own built in affiliate programs.
Whatever you require just ask, we always enjoy new challenges and if the requirement is commercially viable we may even build it for free for you..