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Invoicing Software

Over here at Toucan Web Design, it’s not just our professional website design and Development services we offer; we have friendly voices with fast and reliable support.

Still wanting more? We have it to offer.

Our new programming team now caters for offline development too; specializing in:

  • Visual Basic (VB)
  • Visual Basic for Office Applications (VBA)
  • Sage Development

Between the new team they have a solid knowledge base and most importantly, experience in the real world, meaning we can easily relate to your requirements.

When previously working with customers using Sage and other accountancy products, such as QuickBooks it was a common trend that these programs, although very detailed and efficient, were not meeting the end users’ needs to a maximum.

It was at this point we sat down, took out the drawing board and began planning how we could help our existing clientele and new clients use their existing accountancy systems to help their business reach its full potential.

So you helped all those people? Yes indeed.

We’ve built a fully functional advanced sales and invoicing system for small to medium sized businesses that require some features that are not presently available in Sage nor QuickBooks.

Neither of you have [insert feature here]? Give us a minute.

There, now you have that feature that just so happens to be fundamental to the smooth running of your business, thanks to our fully custom packages we can put together. The best thing about them? They’ll not cost you a 51% stake in your business.

I wish I heard about this earlier, I’ve just paid for a license to Sage/QuickBooks! Still wanting something more? We’ll build you a custom stand alone application that integrates seamlessly into Sage or QuickBooks to make sure your software package is top of the line!

Tell me more! What do they do? Well, all of the below, plus many more, and anything you think of, that we’ve not gotten round to yet, if you need it, we can add it in!

General Features:

  • Instant 100% Reliable Local Media Backup (Online Backup System Also Available)
  • Multiple Company Support
  • High Machine Dependent Security
  • User Administration and Access Levels
  • User Machine Restrictions
  • Barcode/Serial number support
  • Optimized For Multiple Network Environments With No Lagging
  • Unlimited User Support for Networks
  • Custom Website Sync for Products, Customers, Invoices, Sales Orders
  • Export To CSV, MYSQL, XML, MSSQL
  • Store Data Queue Information (Machine Name, User, OS, Date, Time)
  • Data Queue Display (See All Activity by All Users at Any Time)

Customer/Supplier features:

  • Detailed customer information
  • Multiple contacts and delivery addresses
  • Customer history ledgers
  • Contact recording
  • Email shot functions
  • Account balance/status
  • Supplier credit tracking

Product Features:

  • Detailed product information
  • Multiple image support
  • Separate product pricing tiers depending upon customer tier or quantity
  • Full web HTML support
  • Category/subcategory indexing
  • Product history/ledger reports
  • Stock allocation/Re-order levels
  • Product sale flyers
  • Product adjustment reports (track all product activity and price changes)
  • Product manufacturer/supplier details

Invoice/Sales Order Functions:

  • Employee information
  • Optimized serial number/barcode lookup for products
  • Customer security keys
  • On-order one touch information
  • Allocate stock to customers in sales orders
  • Customer details for invoice and multiple delivery addresses
  • Outstanding product information available to you at the touch of a button
  • Invoice status edit/complete
  • Profit/cost information
  • Multiple VAT rates
  • Edit printable invoice style
  • Multiple delivery areas and options
  • Product images
  • Payment methods with surcharge amounts
  • Detailed product history

Purchase Order Functions:

  • Price watching functions comparing with previous purchases
  • Supplier credit redemption
  • Store supplier information
  • Check your low stock levels and balances instantly
  • Edit sale prices depending upon your purchase price for all tiers
  • Lookup products by category/MFPN/supplier/stock level
  • Average delivery charge over your product cost prices
  • Instant product booking to add stock & assign serial numbers
  • Website account details for online purchasing
  • Printable purchase order

Report Functions:

  • End of day report with:
    • Product cost/profit/stock level amounts
    • Customer/employee/order details
    • Stock adjustments
    • Sum of details for the day
    • All with one click of a button
  • Customer/product presentation reports
  • Product price lists depending upon tier
  • Custom report development

Optional module add-ons available:

  • Custom web synchronization
  • Instant online store Generator
  • PC system builder
  • Online backup
  • The feature you require here, just waiting for you