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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of achieving high rankings in the Search Engines for a particular website's most relevant search terms.

The most relevant search terms are the phrases that people are most likely to type into a search engine when looking for what the website has to offer. These are the search terms that it is essential to rank highly for, and these are the search terms that search engine optimization targets.

At Toucan Web Design we are continually improving our search engine positions, using the latest techniques of web design and SEO to ensure all websites achieve enviable positions on the worlds search engines.

We do not cheat or use underhand tricks to achieve good positioning just good honest tried and tested means. We understand Search Engines having built them ourselves, giving us an advantage when it comes to search engine optimization.

Our own property website is currently receiving over 250,000 Hits every month with absolutely no paid advertising whatsoever, and our own website here has number one positions on Google, yahoo and MSN Search engines.

Please feel free to contact us with regards to optimizing your website for Search Engines, as we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

We have a free seo guide for webmaster's with hints and tips on Search Engine Optimization. Please feel free to use our guide to Optimize your own website and hopefully achieve better search engine positions.