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Domain Name Services UK

Toucan Web Design are one of the most experienced companies in the world when it comes to domain name registration, search and activation services.

Our very first website became the UK's largest domain name broker and we have custom built several domain name seeking Scripts for finding top quality domain names for our customers businesses. Our own portfolio of domain names includes over 100 high traffic names from every genre imaginable. We can obtain virtualy any domain name in the world, and if the required domain is not currently available we can negotiate the purchase of a domain name from the registrant on behalf of any company or individual.

Our experience in this field ensures that we can get a domain name at its true value and not an exaggerated price as suggested by some valuation companies. Dont be fooled just because a name sounds good or represents a company or strong dictionarial word, the law regarding domain names is a minefield incorporating copyrights, cybersquatting, Trademark and many other legal loopholes that need to be researched and investigated before a costly legal battle ensues.