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Easy Accounts

Easy Accounts

A Custom Design on top of a bespoke system makes for a website that is pretty to look at and extremely useful, either for the end user or the owners of the website. In this case Easy Accounts made their lives much easier through the integration of a complete detailed quote form which collected all the data they required about their prospective clients. It also provided a price to the clients instantly so they could see their expected fees before proceeding.

Not only did this comparatively small website need a lot of style, it needed to have the brains to back up the beauty, and an ease of use that showed off just how easy doing the accounts could be with Easy Accounts.

In order to meet all these requirements Toucan Web Design took a highly sandards compliant, search engine friendly system and incorporated a customizable, mulit-step bespoke calculator script which allows;

  • multiple options for each question
  • multiple paths of travel through the script
  • various results such as the display of how much you could save if a different path had been taken
  • and shortcuts to the end if not all options are needed. 
  • Then we integrated the calculator and made the whole site so that the people over at Easy Accounts to manage almost every aspect.

And it's so easy to use they haven't needed our help with using the system once! In order to make the system easy for visitors to use was slightly more of a challenge however, as the user needed to be able to continue to browse the rest of the website whilst filling in the calculator at their leisure.

To solve this problem we made the calculator multi-step, and as each step is stored on the end users computer, they can browse around the site to their hearts content, and the calculator will still be there, waiting for their next input, with a final fanfare waiting to reveal the end result.

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