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Recon Electrical

With a massive catalogue of products devided up over 4 seperate stores Recon Electrical and it's subsidiaries needed a bespoke solution. In stepped Toucan Web Design.

With a website already providing them with an online presance, and another site under development by personal friends, Recon Electrical realized that without adding Ecommerce functionality to their website they were missing out on a massive share of their potential market.

After approaching Toucan Web Design they sat back and relaxed as we took their origonal store and their new site (which was still being developed) gleamed all the information we could about the company and their goals, then scrapped the lot and started from scratch! The end result was an intuative design that easily allows navigation through the thousands of proudcts on the store that can not only be updated by any employee of their company, but can be updated from any location.

In order to further improve the usability of the administration area we integrated the back end of the store into the Sage accounts system to allow for automatic transferral of invoices and products between Sage and the store software. A few clicks later and the entire running of the online shop had been almost entirely automated. Now they just need to pack the orders and ship them out. Does it get better than that?

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