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A contemporary, highly refined design for products of only the highest quality

When we were approached by Razal we were asked to design a Corporate Identity for a company that would sell lingerie and other adult and erotic materials, with an emphasis on only the highest quality modern goods. After the initial design was approved we refined the design to create a beautifully detailed site that was easy to navigate and accessible to as many visitors as possible.
The site itself was constructed to be as search engine friendly as possible, with search engine friendly URL?s, and valid XHTML. The Content Management System to run the store also includes options to add custom keywords and metadata onto every single page, making all the content easily read and indexed search engines.

After construction of the site was completed and control handed over to Razal the company decided to re-focus it?s efforts on sensual gifts and jewellery, with only a small selection of lingerie. Even though the original design was for a lingerie store there was no need to alter the design for Razals change of direction, because the modern contemporary feel worked just as well for their new catalogue.

screenshot of website