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With a focus on high quality, designer kitchenwares, KitchenAria required an Ecommerce website with a bespoke design that reflects the quality of their products.

Initially set up as a standard search engine friendly ecommerce store, KitchenAria saw massive numbers of visitors within the first few months, and it soon became clear that the site was very popular. It was also apparent that the ratio between the number of sales made to the number of visitors was no way near as high as was hoped. This was a major problem, as advertising expenditure was not being realized as sales to the extent that was required for the business to expand and grow.

It was decided that something must be done to increase the ratio of visitors to sales, so we sat down and analysed the way users interacted with the site, and established the most cost effective ways of increasing sales.
Firstly we rebuilt the checkout system from the ground up and reduced the number of steps within the checkout from four separate pages down to two.
We reduced the amount of information collected within the checkout to minimize the amount that users had to input, and we introduced extra features for registered users/previous customers such as an address book so that they can easily select a previously used delivery address, dramatically reducing return data input.

To attract more return visitors we integrated more features and functionality to entice customers back. These included the address book mentioned earlier, wishlists for customers to save and share with friends and family, the ability to save their carts so they can return at any point from any computer and simply continue their shop, and a custom built wedding registry.

The wedding registry allows the building of a custom product inventory, with products from across the site, from any category and with custom stock levels. The registry can be shared with friends and family and is fully automated with no administration required. When products are bought from the wedding registry stock is automatically updated on both the main site and the registry listing.

These changes have had a massive effect on the way users interact with KitchenAria, and have lead to a significant boost in sales. We have also had brilliant feedback from customers on the ease and simplicity of using the website.

screenshot of website